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Themed #100 - That's a Rap(per)

100 themed puzzles. Where does the time go? I did not think I would ever get to this point but here we are. With my 20 or so themed puzzles I suppose I've been doing this for approximately two years. I have a backlog of puzzles taking me through to January so I guess I'll go at least for that long. I suppose I still have some ideas up my sleeve and I like crafting puzzles so I'm sure I'll continue without interruption for the foreseeable future. No wordplay or anything to celebrate just a regular puzzle. I never really know what to call these things, or at least I didn't know what to call this one. I think it works well enough.

That's a Rap(per)
Download PDF • 270KB
That's a Rap(per) Answers
Download PDF • 163KB

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