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Themed #110 - Spies in Disguise

Back to a pretty tried and true theme type - anagrams. I'll be honest, I really like this type of puzzle. Hopefully I'm not alone in that feeling. The title is from a 2019 Will Smith movie which I saw many previews for but have not seen one second of the actual movie. I don't think I've ever seen it listed on TV. Weird. I think I was able to get really good theme answers. I guess the letters are pretty common so it lends itself to a lot of possibilities. Something like that. I like how this one turned out. I had submitted this to Spyscape but was told a similar puzzle had already been run. Curious as to what that puzzle looked like but I don't know when it ran and I haven't felt the need to dig through their archives. Maybe one day.

Spies in Disguise
Download PDF • 267KB
Spies in Disguise Answers
Download PDF • 165KB

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