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Themed #114 - One Way to Eat

This came to life as I thought the reveal phrase itself is kind of fun and then 16-across was one of my favorite mall staples. If I was getting something from there best believe it was covered in cinnamon/sugar. I've since moved on and have become a Cinnabon guy. It's wild how many variations there now are on cinnamon rolls. Big, small, poppers, sticks. Bless that creative team over there.

My family never really participated in 59-across kind of eating. My wife's family, on the other hand, does it all the time. It's something that I really was uncomfortable with at first but have gotten better, although I still don't quite get it. I like the long down answers I was able to fit into the grid. When I was reviewing the puzzle today prior to posting, I noticed I had 2-down starting with an "a" and I quickly realized that was a bad dupe as it crossed 16-across. Thankfully I was able to quickly change things without much of an impact. Who knew editing would be so helpful? Enjoy.

One Way to Eat
Download PDF • 269KB
One Way to Eat Answers
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