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Themed #118 - Call it Off

I'm trademarking the Monday when football season is over "Melancholy Monday." For me, today is that Monday as my Cowboys fell to the Niners The defense played great but the offense just let them down. Really feel for Tony Pollard, who broke his ankle in the second quarter and is scheduled to hit free agency. Hopefully he can still get paid as he's a great player. 28 straight years of Melancholy Mondays and I'm so sick of them. I love watching Groundhog Day but not living it.

As for the puzzle, I like this theme type. I've seen other puzzles like this and have created other puzzles like this. They almost play like a themeless in some regards. Anyway, I'm too depressed to write more.

Call It Off
Download PDF • 270KB
Call It Off Answers
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Call it Off - Across Lite

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