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Themed # 121 - Spin Doctors

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I was clearly inspired by the famous band, the Spin Doctors, mostly known for their all-timer "Two Princes." I had a list of fictional and non-fictional doctors but decided to go with two of each. They discussed 41-across on the most recent episode of The Rewatchables, which is a podcast Bill Simmons hosts where they discuss movies that are, well, rewatchable. Such an intense movie. Superb acting. Definitely worth watching if you haven't yet seen it, and I'd listen to the podcast episode about it if you want a deep-dive.

Spin Doctors
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Spin Doctors Answers
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3 comentarios

I still don’t get the theme! There is a real or fictional doctor named in the three longest answers?

Me gusta
Contestando a

Hi Jonathan. Thanks for solving! Yes, there is a doctor in each of the longest across answers (WATSON, SALK, PHIL, & DREW) and then those names are spun out of order, hence the title "Spin Doctors", which is acting as the reveal phrase.

Me gusta
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