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Themed #139 - LLLLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEEE (Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift)

Another year, another Taylor Swift birthday puzzle. I used to watch all of her music videos every December 13th. It became a more difficult endeavor as her catalog increased and how it takes hours. Unsure if I'll do it this year since YouTube plays ads every five seconds these days. And yeah, Time named her person of the year, but would they write a puzzle for you? Advantage me.

About the puzzle: The Taylor Swift theme answers, and the puzzle title, are in a rebus-style. For those who don't know what that means, it's essentially words that represent something and you have to use word play to figure it out. All of the longer across answers in this style are names of Taylor Swift songs. The title of the puzzle is an example. In this instance, the song would be "Love Live" so the word Live is stretched out in the title, hence why it represents Love Live.

LLLLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEEE (Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift)
Download PDF • 264KB

LLLLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEEE (Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift)_Answers
Download PDF • 91KB

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