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Themed #143 - No Vegetables Here

I forgot to post last week! I'm sure everyone was very disappointed. I guess being on paternity leave has left my brain a tad mushy. One more week to go and then it's back to the real world. I guess it will be nice to have conversations with adults.

No Vegetables Here
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No Vegetables Here_Answers
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popped by to make sure everything was ok, because I didn't remember seeing much of your puzzles lately, and had completely forgotten about parental leave! Puzzles are small potatoes by comparison! Hope things are going well.

Mi piace
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Thanks for reaching out, Matthew! You actually reminded me that I needed to post a puzzle today, which I just did! Moving to bi-weekly has reduced the puzzle-making time but has increased the "I forget that posting a puzzle is part of my routine" neglectfulness. We are officially in the daycare phase and I'm back at work so we'll see if we get reduced to a tri-weekly puzzle site. (hopefully not). And always appreciate your daily email links and that they include my site. Great work you all do.

Mi piace
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