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Themed # 150 - Bottoms Up

If my numbering convention is accurate, and it may not be, this is apparently the 150th themed puzzle I've posted. I'm pretty shocked, to be honest. As mentioned before, this site started as a graveyard for NYT rejections, a place where they could rest in peace but still provide joy/amusement/distraction to those who somehow journeyed to this foreign soil. That's still part of this site's purpose as I'm still trying to break my glass-ceiling at the NYT, but I also make puzzles just for fun and without any intent to submit.

Thanks to those who have taken time to solve and comment. I don't have plans to cease production so we'll see how high this number can get. 200 overall will be forthcoming so maybe I'll do something special for that. No promises.

In Last
Download PDF • 269KB

Bottoms Up_Answers
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1 Comment

riot blob
riot blob
9 hours ago

hee hee hee. I get it!! (also the rest of the puzzle was fun too!) and congrats on the milestone!

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