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Themed #66 - Wind Down

Started this one with a completely different idea in mind. I wanted to hide wind instruments in the down answers, but I couldn't make it work so I moved on. May try to come back to it but not any time soon. My wife and I brought our new puppy, Seven, home this weekend so I'm guessing I'll have less time to dedicate to making puzzles, at least for a while. Re-did a portion right before posting as I had TFAL as an answer I and really hated it. As people who have been paying attention can probably tell, I'm a huge 21-across. I've been holding a puzzle for many months that I plan to publish around her birthday as a semi-tribute.

Now for what the people really want - a puppy picture. This is Seven, sleeping like an angel.

Wind Down
Download PDF • 265KB
Wind Down Answers
Download PDF • 162KB

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