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Themed #68 - I'll Have One

I actually used this exact revealer in a puzzle I had published with David Steinberg at Universal. That puzzle came out on 09/11/2020. I'm not sure if they have archives, but if you have a Cruciverb membership, you can see the final puzzle here. This puzzle is a far different take on that phrase and I think I actually like this one better. I was happy to be able to find pretty solid theme answers to accommodate both puzzles of this nature. The circles squares span all the words in each phrase and all the phrases are well known.

I also think the accompanying fill is pretty good overall. The middle down answer cuts through three theme answers but thankfully it had common letters in good places, leading to a solid answer. Tried filling in 3-down first as it had kind of odd letter restrictions but it ended up giving me a nice down answer. I think all the 8-letter downs are solid and the corners, too. 9-down is probably the most egregious answer but I think the rest of the puzzle compensates well enough to overcome.

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I'll Have One
Download PDF • 267KB
I'll Have One Answers
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