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Themed #69 - Animal Tales

I wasn't exactly sure what to title this one. I didn't really think a reveal phrase was required but figured I should at least have a title, and I figured this worked a bit. I had considered doing all avian creatures as 17-across and 10-down were the first names I came up with, but decided to expand the theme set. I think the names I got were all pretty solid so I'm happy with what I came up with.

I'm also pretty pleased with the non-theme fill. 9-down, 37-down, 29 and 42-across. Seems like those two acrosses have a sports theme going on. Even some of the shorter answers, like 5-down, 44-down, and 22-across are entertaining fill. I think 34-across may be the weakest answer in the grid but who is to say.

Animal Tales
Download PDF • 269KB
Animal Tales Answers
Download PDF • 164KB

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