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Themed #71 - Gridiron Gang

I'm not sure which of these was the seed entry, maybe 41-across, which made me make a 16-wide grid. I always hate that because I don't really enjoy clue writing and a bigger grid typically means more clues to write. Oh well. I'm sure I wanted to fit a COWBOYS title into this as Dallas is my favorite team. I figured limiting the grid to three theme entries and not forcing anything else was the better direction to take. I remember enjoying 64-across when I watched it many moons ago. Maybe I should revisit it.

I made this puzzle a few months ago and like to think I would have removed some of the shorter fill, but that isn't a guarantee I do like the long downs, especially 12 and 38. I don't even really listen to 38-down I just think it's good fill. More of a rap and country guy, but I dabble in everything. Another small peak behind the curtain.

Gridiron Gang
Download PDF • 270KB
Gridiron Gang Answers
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