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Themed # 78 - Get an A+ in Spanish

I forget how I came up with the theme or what the first theme answer was I came up with. I think 24-down. It was actually pretty easy coming up with common words in Spanish that were also real things before adding the "A." I always like the pinwheel type of grid, I think it allows for better fill in the grid and is just kind of cool looking.

This is also my first time using the AmuseLabs/PuzzleMe feature. Hopefully this enhances people's experience. Fear not, the .pdf and Across Lite versions still exist.

Get an A+ in Spanish
Download PDF • 270KB
Get an A+ in Spanish Answers
Download PDF • 165KB
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Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas
Feb 18, 2022

Hey Brian, love your crosswords. Just thought id let you know 35 down is an error. The clues date is far off

Brian Gubin
Brian Gubin
Feb 19, 2022
Replying to

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for commenting and glad you enjoy the puzzles. My Internet sleuthing shows 2010 as being the correct year it debuted, but it was conceived as an idea much earlier.

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