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Themed #79 - A Difficult Time

If anyone listens to Fill Me In, and if you don't you should, then this was the puzzle I mentioned in my email. It has an ice cream theme. Ice cream is my favorite food and I post pictures eating ice cream on Instagram under the handle "youmakemewannascoop". Credit to my wife for coming up with the name, which is based on one of her favorite songs, Shoop, by Salt-n-Pepa.

I had to make this a 16-wide grid to accommodate 29-across. I'm ok with that as (1) it's hard to find phrases that aren't related to the food, and (2) it's a fantastic nickname. He seemed like a very interesting character, at least from what I've read. My only issue with a bigger grid is it leads to more clues for me to write. *shudder*

A Difficult Time
Download PDF • 272KB
A Difficult Time Answers
Download PDF • 165KB

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