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Themed #94 - Is There an Echo in Here?

I created this puzzle right when I created an earlier puzzle that also involved countries. Countries seem to lend themselves to a lot of themes, so I'm guessing I'll go back to that well at some point in the future. This puzzle has an interesting grid shape, which I attribute to having 5 themers, 3 of which are 12 or longer. This led to nothing over 6 letters outside of the theme answers, which generally means the fill is probably less interesting. Oh well.

Is There an Echo in Here.
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Is There an Echo in Here Answers
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Loved the theme, once I got the first one I did the rest quickly, had a harder time with a few of the smaller clues. Your puzzles are a great challenge for me, you mix what I consider easy and medium clues with harder ones, always keeps it interesting.

Brian Gubin
Brian Gubin
Jul 01, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for the kind words, Yiftach! Glad at least one person out there enjoys the puzzles!

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