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Themeless #16

I was supposed to publish this next week, at least based on my publication schedule, but I have a puzzle that has to be published next week so I shuffled things around. I tried to get some colorful, in the language phrases in this one. I think I succeeded at that. I like the NW stack and think 12-down and 13-down look good next to each other. I try and 36-down on Sundays and Mondays. I usually make my breakfast for the week Sunday night and portion it out equally over the next five days just to make my life easier in the mornings. I think the top of the puzzle is better than the bottom, but like 36-down, 48, and 62-across.

The SE is my least favorite section but I don't think it's really bad or particularly egregious, although 51 next to 52-down isn't great. I've seen and written 53-down during law school so that is a perfectly fair phrase to me.

Themeless #16
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Themeless #16 Answers
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