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Themeless #18

I'm still very amazed and impressed by people who can crank out themeless puzzles. I see the constructor lineup at The New Yorker and these people are able to come up with great themeless puzzles nearly every week. Hats off to them. I still find myself struggling in creating these. I often am able to get a corner done really fast but then the rest of the grid is a slow burn.

I tried to put some of my favorite things into this puzzle 20 and 29-across, 27 and 12-down (sports). I also think I was able to get some good in-the-language phrases with 17 and 60-across. And 29-down is something I loved from Futurama. I don't care for 64-across and some other answers but I think the good outweighs the bad.

Themeless #18
Download PDF • 271KB
Themeless #18 Answers
Download PDF • 244KB

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