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Themeless #21

This puzzle was built around 14-across. The original has been my favorite Taylor Swift song for many years so I wanted to include it in a puzzle. The 10-minute version is good, too. Taylor is just a genius. I like 31-across and 32-down most of the other fill. I always say I'm bad at filling a themeless grid but have been enjoying the 74-worders.

I didn't realize/didn't check that I'd be publishing on (I publish at 8 PM Monday) July 4th so we don't have any patriotic theme going on. I maybe should start checking these things but I'm sure there is plenty of themed content out there.

Themeless #21_07.04.2022
Download PDF • 270KB
Themeless #21_07.04.2022_Answers
Download PDF • 163KB

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