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Themeless # 31

Daycare germs have begun infiltrating the house. Defenses have been breached and forces are attempting to repel the enemy but have not yet succeeded. Emory has a double ear infection along with pink eye and she and dad (i.e. me) have had a nagging cough for about a week now. She will have quite the strong immune system in a few years.

Even with all that going on I still am coming to y'all with a new themeless puzzle. I was happy to get 17 and 55-across in the puzzle. I thoroughly enjoyed Atlanta and think he did a great job as the rap star of the show. Just a really unique and well done show. Check it out if you haven't.

Themeless #31_04.15.2024
Download PDF • 264KB

Themeless #31_04.15.2024_Answers
Download PDF • 89KB

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