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Themeless #8

I'm trying to create more themeless puzzles. It is much more difficult for me than creating a themed puzzle. I don't think I'm very good at it but practice makes perfect, or at least better. I think this is puzzle 39 on the site so that means I publish one themeless every 5 weeks or so. I may try to push that to once every 4 weeks but we'll see if I can. Anyway, 18-across was really the only seed entry. I think the long answers are all pretty nice. I noticed I had a partial dupe in 5-across and 43-down but I left it. I've seen worse in published puzzles so I went easy on myself. I think 59-down is the worst entry, with 7-down and 13-across placing and showing, respectively. Got 57-down for passing the bar exam and have been enjoying it.

Themeless #8
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Themeless #8 Answers
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