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Themed #106 - Musical Letters

Coming to you live from Hawaii. Not really, but I am in Hawaii at the moment. God bless posts that can be planned ahead. The only issue is when someone points out a spelling mistake, I won't be able to fix it. Therefore, nobody point out the mistakes this week. Thanks.

Anyway, I had no clue what to call this one and I'm not sure the reveal phrase works perfectly. I think it's ok. I really wanted to use DVD seen on a DVD for Dick Van Dyke, but I thought it was more elegant to use all music mediums. Maybe that was a mistake b/c I really like that clue and answer. C'est la vie. Welcome thoughts on the matter. I feel like the New York Times ran a similar theme a while ago, one that involved something with "[initials] seen at the Oscars?" and the answer was a host with those initials. Don't feel like digging through their archives now but I recall enjoying the puzzle.

I'm off to eat some sushi or snorkel or something akin to that. Have a good week.

Musical Letters
Download PDF • 266KB
Musical Letters Answers
Download PDF • 163KB
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