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Themed #111 - Flower Girls

I originally planned to post a themeless puzzle but wasn't happy with the quality so we called an audible. I may try for a themeless next week but the new God of War came out so that's been eating into my crossword construction time. I'm guessing this theme has been done, or at least some variation on it, but I haven't delved into the crossword archives. I recently watched Fences, which stars 47-across. Great acting in that movie.

Flower Girls
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Flower Girls Answers
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Hi, Brian! Fun puzzle! When I saw the title, I went to grab my "Flower Girls" from May 2021 to share with you. (Since April showers bring May flowers, all of my May grids are heavily floral, from clues to entries.) We have a few crossover words in the clues, but I don't think a single entry is shared between the grids! 😎 Thought you might want to try it:

Brian Gubin
Brian Gubin
Nov 15, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for the comment and for providing the link! I like your take on the concept. Guess this goes to show even when people come up with a similar idea, the execution can be completely different.

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