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Themed #112 - Name Overlap

I forget the origins of this theme but I'm guessing I was listening to Rock the Bells radio and "Jump" or "Warm It Up" was playing and the seeing group name made something click. I think it works pretty well as a reveal and as a puzzle. There were a lot more names to choose from but they all couldn't make the list. I started thinking this would be a Sunday-size puzzle but abandoned that relatively early on. I'm glad I did since it's much easier to build a 15X15. If I'm picking nits I don't like how 26-across doesn't start the word while all the other answers do. And I do know there is a person whose name is 61-across but it was too long to fit and honestly, I know nothing about that person and 61-across is more in my bailiwick.

Name Overlap
Download PDF • 264KB
Name Overlap Answers
Download PDF • 91KB

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