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Themed #116 - Kings & Queens

This theme came about from listening to Ava Max and her smash hit of the same name. Probably also from watching tennis and 9-down. Honestly, his winning 14 French Opens is one of the greatest individual achievements in sports history. I'm not sure people understand or appreciate it. On the men's side, no one other than 9-down has won the same tournament more than 10 times. And no man has won the same grand slam more than 9 times (Djokovic, Australian). For women, Martina Navratilova won in Chicago 12 times, but never won the same grand slam more than 9 times (Wimbledon). Not diminishing the others, just being amazed at 9-down. At the time of this writing, 9-down is 112-3 at the French Open! Anyway, I'm sure the other kings & queens I listed are also great, but I'm a tennis guy, so that gets my focus.

Kings & Queens
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Kings & Queens Answers
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