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Themed #34

Honestly this is almost a themeless. It's not but there isn't a reveal or a title and the theme isn't overly complicated; it's probably the simplest puzzle I've made as far as execution and theme material. I had a different puzzle set to run but decided to hold that one for a week so this will act as a substitute puzzle. Don't be mean and make fun of it. As you can see I have revamped the site to make it more of a blog. I thought it was a little stodgy before. This feels more personal. I think the long answers are all very solid and I haven't seen 11-down before so I like that. I've been seeing on Facebook a big debate about airport codes but this puzzle has one. I live by this airport so it's quite familiar to me but hopefully the crosses are fair enough.

Themed #34
Download PDF • 263KB
Themed #34 Answers
Download PDF • 163KB

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