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Themed #38 - M and M's

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A puzzle that I think originated around 47-across. I'm an Orioles fan and loved this guy. I knew the team wouldn't sign him (the team isn't even trying to win at this juncture) and I still find myself rooting for him. Great player. I don't know if this started with me thinking of only athletes or just ended up that way. I do know I wanted to add MAYA MOORE to the grid but didn't want to put too much theme strain. This allowed me to have the 9-letter answers in the NE and SW. I do know that I'm going to repeat this theme with an all-female list of names, it just likely will not be sports figures.

M and M's
Download PDF • 320KB
M and M's Answers
Download PDF • 90KB
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