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Themed #43 - Causes a Commotion

I considered leaving this one nameless because it has a reveal phrase. That's typically been my convention - if it has a reveal, I leave the title blank. Decided to throw a title on this one but not really sure why. I sent this to the NY Times and was told they would never run a theme like this (that's 30 rejections and counting!). I then saw this exact theme come to my inbox via AVXwords (I think). Decided to just keep this and scheduled it for 4/20 on purpose. I'm not a smoker but I still know the meaning of 4/20 and decided not to pass up the opportunity to publish on this date. My only real "issue" is 33-across. I know it's typically month but that obviously doesn't work with the theme. I think the fill is pretty solid on this one. Enjoy.

Causes a Commotion
Download PDF • 270KB
Causes a Commotion Answers
Download PDF • 165KB
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