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Themed #43 - Causes a Commotion

I considered leaving this one nameless because it has a reveal phrase. That's typically been my convention - if it has a reveal, I leave the title blank. Decided to throw a title on this one but not really sure why. I sent this to the NY Times and was told they would never run a theme like this (that's 30 rejections and counting!). I then saw this exact theme come to my inbox via AVXwords (I think). Decided to just keep this and scheduled it for 4/20 on purpose. I'm not a smoker but I still know the meaning of 4/20 and decided not to pass up the opportunity to publish on this date. My only real "issue" is 33-across. I know it's typically month but that obviously doesn't work with the theme. I think the fill is pretty solid on this one. Enjoy.

Causes a Commotion
Download PDF • 270KB
Causes a Commotion Answers
Download PDF • 165KB
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Norah Sharpe
Norah Sharpe
Apr 20, 2021

Nice! Are there supposed to be shaded squares? They didn't come through in the AL version, but still - a nice puz. Thank you!

Brian Gubin
Brian Gubin
Apr 21, 2021
Replying to

Hi Norah,

Yes, there are supposed to be shaded squares. They do appear visible in the .pdf version and in the picture accompanying the puzzle, but something went wonky during the export to Across Lite. I'm guessing it's a me issue that I'll need to address. Thanks for pointing this out!


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