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Themed # 46 - I Smell a Rat

A puzzle I think benefits from having a title instead of a reveal phrase. I do like how the reveal gives the aha moment, but having a title allows you to have another theme answer without compromising the fill. I made this puzzle a while ago so it's been in the pipeline for a while. I actually re-did the NW and SE corners just because I wasn't happy with what I had entered. I love the 50-down character in Seinfeld. One of the great single episode characters of that show, of which there are many. Only thing about the theme answers I dislike is how the phrase doesn't span across all parts of the answer. But I liked the answer enough that I decided to overlook that flaw.

I Smell A Rat
Download PDF • 271KB
I Smell A Rat Answers
Download PDF • 241KB
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