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Themed # 49 - Small Town USA

I think this may be a difficult puzzle but I'm not entirely sure how to gauge that. When you are the one creating the puzzle the gimmick is pretty obvious, ya know? Anyway, if you don't want to know anything you should stop reading.....NOW. I like my rebus puzzles and this is another one. I think this is the first I've done where it is a different letter string being rebused in each rebus square. Don't quote me on that. This one has a title and a reveal phrase as I think this may play hard.

I had a few variants of the puzzle that had less desirable fill. I sent this one to a friend in the crossword community and she reviewed, telling me I should try again. One of the sore spots had "EEE" as fill, which is now gone. This version is definitely the stronger puzzle, so kudos to peer review. I think I got some interesting theme answers and decent long answers outside of the theme. Long write-up today. Congrats for making it to the end.

Small Town USA
Download PDF • 332KB
Small Town USA Answers
Download PDF • 163KB
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