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Themed # 63 - Missing in Action

I had to make this one an oversized grid to accommodate the 8-letter reveal phrase going through the middle. I personally think the theme works pretty well, although the theme answers themselves aren't particularly noteworthy. I think this kind of plays as a themeless, or at least it's solvable as a themeless because there is no gibberish in the grid. I made a custom answer sheet that shows where the theme answers are happening in case people can't figure that out. I would say this is a Thursday-style NYT puzzle

I think I was able to fill the grid well. Got some interesting longer answers and not a ton of really poor fill. I've never been to Harry Potter World so haven't tried 32-down, although I hear it's pretty sugary.

Mission in Action 10.12.2021
Download PDF • 268KB
Missing in Action Answers
Download PDF • 254KB
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