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Themed #65

This is obviously inspired by the song at 67-across, which happens to be one of my wife's favorite songs, at least go-to karaoke song. That and "Shoop" by TLC. This one has the reveal phrase and I didn't want to come up with another title, hence this one just gets a number as a title. Less theme density gave me the opportunity to create bigger corners with longer answers. I don't really like 41-downs; I'm more of a chocolate guy. One of the best concerts I attended was 52-down (Donald, not Danny). Saw him, obviously under his moniker of Childish Gambino, in Baltimore and he was amazing. Great energy.

In personal news, my wife and I had a big weekend. We finally got to meet the newest member of our family. Meet Seven!

Themed #65
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Themed #65 Answers
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