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Themed #77 - Let's Eat

I often start with an idea and think "could I get this published somewhere?" Then I conduct a cursory search on Cruciverb to see if the idea has been done before. It's not always perfect (I submitted a puzzle with "SWITCH BOARD" as the reveal but an earlier iteration has used "SHUFFLE BOARD" so my search didn't find that) but it usually reveals something. This search turned up a puzzle by Zhouqin/C.C. Burnikel. The NYT hadn't published this but I still felt a little odd submitting a puzzle with a theme that had been done, so I figured I'd just create the puzzle for my blog. 3/4 of the theme answers I used were unique so I'm not worried about plagiarizing I just thought I should only submit something that I had created that was totally unique. I'll probably regret this when the NYT publishes this exact theme in a few weeks.

Anyway, I think this puzzle works pretty well. I particularly like 17-across. I don't like the 53-down partial but I was glad to use a Superbad quote in the clue. 69-across is probably the weakest answer overall. Enjoy.

Break Bread
Download PDF • 271KB
Break Bread Answers
Download PDF • 238KB
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