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Themed #80 - Get Some RNR

I often feel like I have no idea what to title puzzles and then come up with something forced. If I have a reveal phrase that makes the title, great, but sometimes, like today, there is no reveal. I think the title is fine and the puzzle doesn't need a reveal, but sometimes it's just tough for me to find a title that speaks to me and seems interesting. Hopefully I accomplished that.

I think the theme answers are all pretty solid and the corners have good stuff without a ton of bad short fill. I don't like 40-across and it crossing 36-down isn't great, but it's really the only thing that stands out to me as being offensive, so to speak.

Get Some RNR
Download PDF • 264KB
Get Some RNR Answers
Download PDF • 90KB

Get Some RNR - Across Lite

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