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Themed #81 - B-Minus

I'm guessing this type of these has been done many times and for the other "grades", such as D-Minus. I was trying to think of a clever title aside from this but couldn't land on anything. Having said that, I'm happy with the results of the puzzle itself. I think the phrases I got are either pretty funny or whacky, or maybe both! My favorite is 17-across because the base phrase is not a phrase you'd see in a mainstream publication and the resulting phrase is funny, at least to me. 46-across is probably the zaniest.

During the solve I made the decision to not have any "b's" at all in the puzzle. I had ZEBRAS in the top right and BTS in the top left but then decided it would be more elegant to not use that letter. Not sure if that makes a difference but hey, I did it anyway.

Download PDF • 268KB
B-minus Answers
Download PDF • 160KB
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