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Themed #82 - Many a Late Night Call

Another puzzle where I struggled coming up with a title. This has a reveal so I couldn't use that as the title. Whatever - don't judge a puzzle by it's title! I make these things so far in advance I often forget the inspiration and the fun "trivia" associated with creating the puzzle. I sort of like only having four theme answers just to let the grid breathe a bit, but that obviously isn't the case here. I think this works fine, though. I got 51-across from the Internet as I've never had one myself. Seems more useful if people were actually going into the office but I think that is slowly changing. I have an inkling I'll be back in the office soon enough. I've grown accustomed to working from home and being able to hang out with my wife and dog during the day, so commuting will be a big change.

Many a Late Night Call
Download PDF • 275KB
Many a Late Night Call Answers
Download PDF • 165KB

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