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Themed #87 - Night Shift

As I was preparing to write this my opening line was "I'm sure this has been used as a reveal phrase before" so I searched Cruciverb. (I generally don't search for theme duplication if I'm just posting it on my site because I'm not copying anyone and there is no harm in me posting something here, at least I don't think). I thought for sure it would be some anagramming of the word "night" but it's only been used as part of a theme 4 times and never as the reveal phrase, from what I can tell. Maybe those letters don't lend themselves to good phrases? Anyway, I was surprised is all I'm saying. Now if someone comes up with some "night" phrases they have themselves a theme going (trying to evoke Carl Weathers).

Night Shift
Download PDF • 268KB
Night Shift Answers
Download PDF • 162KB

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