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Themed #93 - Grab a Fork

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The reveal on this is 14-letters, which can present more difficulties setting up the grid. I think this one works out well, with good symmetrical phrases and pretty wide-open corners. You get some smaller stuff in the middle where the themers almost overlap, but it's all a tradeoff.

We used a 40-down at one party in college. It was only a foot wide and maybe 24 inches long at most, but it was fun for a little while. Then the thing melted and we had a huge mess on our hands. I guess we learned our lesson as I don't think we used it again. Talk about no one caring about germs as randos happily put their mouths on it and drank. The good old days, I guess.

Grab a Fork
Download PDF • 269KB
Grab a Fork Answers
Download PDF • 163KB
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