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Themed # 99 - Turn up at the Bar

Stop reading if you don't want any hints. This is a puzzle in the vain of a Thursday NYT puzzle. It's only one trick executed four different times but I think it works well. And the title seemed perfect in that it's something in the language and current I could use. I'm assuming it's current but probably not as today's youth have probably moved three factors past "turning up."

This one almost came together like a themeless puzzle in that it's not very theme-demanding. Because of that I think I was able to get some lively fill, like 17, 19, 30, 41, and 58-across. And I like 4, 9, 32, and 39-down, too. Hopefully people enjoy it.

Turn up at the Bar
Download PDF • 273KB
Turn up at the Bar Answers
Download PDF • 163KB

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